Supply Chain Platform

Symphony provides a versatile, robust and integrated Supply Chain Cloud Computing Platform for retailers and F&B companies to digitalize their entire supply chain to achieve efficiencies and increase margins.

Symphony Supply Chain Platform helps outlet managers predict sales forecasts, automatically place inventory replenishment, track fulfillment via tablets, optimize inventory to reduce overall procurement and inventory costs. Our clients utilize our platform to manage and track products throughout the entire supply chain, starting from supplier, distribution center, delivery to outlets and last mile fulfilment. This Omni channel software-as-a-service platform is multi-lingual and can be managed in multi-entities and geographies.

Therefore this is the perfect system for retail and F&B brands to grow regionally with a strategic joint venture or franchise model. Our goal is to help our clients focus on their core business and not to worry about their supply chain.


One single platform that fulfils all your needs

Symphony Sales Forecasting Module allows outlets to estimate the amount of sales in the coming week based on the past sales thus outlet would not over and under stock each item.

Symphony Outlet Order allows outlets to replenish products through a tablet app or web browser. Orders can be consolidated through software, thus speeding up the replenishing process. Basic inventory functions like inventory count, receiving, transfers are available and the data is seamlessly integrated to the warehouse management system.

Point-of-Sale system allows the retail operator to transact with a sale in the retail outlet. The POS will automatically collect tons of sales data which will integrate seamlessly to the Symphony platform for analytical and predictive sales and replenishment data.

Symphony Omni Channel enables ecommerce sales and payment transaction via a tablet app or web browser for brands. Thus achieving central inventory control for both brick and mortar and online ecommerce, as  inventory quantity and data flows seamlessly to the Symphony platform to ensure customer satisfaction, accuracy of inventory status and speed of delivery.

Symphony Mobility enables last mile delivery to online end customers and offline outlet replenishment. Photos and comments can be included to each order for any discrepancy management. Symphony Mobility gives accurate real-time information of the order tracking for a total visibility and control tower management.

Symphony WMSmanages every activity within the four walls of your warehouse operations. Advanced features such as cross docking, Bill-Of-Materials, Kitting and Repacking are frequently utilized by 3PLs. Symphony WMShas real-time operational dashboards and over 100 standard reports, which will be sufficient for virtually all warehouse operational and KPI reporting needs.

Symphony Procurement provides robust SCM replenishment and procurement matrixes. The system generates a purchase requests to inform the purchaser with the most optimum planning for when to buy, what to buy and quantity to buy. Thus reducing wastages, cost of goods and improving margins.    

Symphony Central Kitchen manages your central kitchen production line and keep track of raw and finished goods. Providing touch screen step by step instruction on the preparation of the food selected, managing the product movement with seamless warehouse execution for raw food to production transfer and finished goods to shipping or storage transfer