Satisfied Customers

Hear it from our clients.

From our satisfied Singapore customer:

We are keeping it simple, but effective with Symphony.

So rather than bolt on features, the edge perceived by the company is to have the process simplified, and than highly optimized for performance.

Less is good – you can add. With more, you have to throw away.

TS Teo Managing Director, PIL Logistics


From our satisfied Thailand customer:

Operation excellence is paramount in our line of work. Symphony Cloud help us maintain tight control over and efficiency in handling our inventory.

The after-sales support from Symphony is very personable and strong.

We have achieved an overall 30% productivity gained after implementing Symphony Cloud!

Phaswan Anne Sangasubana, Managing Director, Executive Director, Director, KWC Logistics

From our satisfied Malaysian customer:

KLB has a unique, complex and time-critical warehouse operation.

Symphony understood our complex business requirements and provided a cost effective yet high performance solution that fits on top of our operations.

We were able to see a major improvement instantly on our inventory, delivery accuracy, and also a significant increase in our handling capacity.

M.Baskar, Vice President of Business Process / IT, Konsortium Logistik Berhad

From our satisfied Singapore customer:

In a tight labour market today, we managed our costs by through an affordable and scalable monthly subscription-based model with Symphony Cloud. 

I was particularly glad that we need not invest heavily on physical business continuity management (BCM) fail-safes.

My team is very happy because we are now saving time, increased our inventory accuracy and products are now easily traced in the warehouse using barcode-scanning devices. 

Mr Benje Goh, Managing Director, West-Street Carrier Pte Ltd

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